"Your design and creativity
consistently hit the mark on our clients'
communications objectives, and
you often meet INSANE deadlines
with a great attitude. We also
notice, and appreciate, your ability
to stay within budget guidelines."

  - Mary Weisnewski
- Consultant

LAVA Design & Promotion is a SMALL-format agency with BIG STYLE and unique flair. LAVA has maintained it's intimate scale to keep close personal contact with our clients and to provide excellent customer service, below-market fees, exacting attention-to-detail, and turn-on-a-dime service.

In addition to award-winning creative and eye-catching design, our clients love the little details that make doing day-to-day business fun... like enjoying Dilly Bars at summer meetings, and having brainstorm sessions while waterskiing on Lake Washington.

It keeps us going and loving what we do. And that makes a BIG difference in the work we produce.

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