From simple to complex... LAVA loves to write copy. In fact, principle and creative director, Tami Vileta, got her start in this crazy business moonlighting in the mailroom writing "dummy" copy for agency house accounts like Mervyn's and Dreyers.

Over the years, we've added some great writers to our staff of contract talent. Need a marketing spin? No problem! Need someone to interview contacts and produce a narative? Even better!! Need a PR slant? You got it!!! Need a direct response hook? Yummy!!!! Here's some samples to wet your appetite:

[VIEW WRQ promotional merchandise teaser text]
[VIEW Catalyst Marketing corporate brochure copy]
[VIEW Greater China Industries brochure copy]
[VIEW Norsk Design Center writing sample]
[Download Philips comprehensive technical writing sample]
[Download PowerTech case study structure & copy]