Flat. Dimentional. Budget. Extravagent. The whole gammut. LAVA has produced... not exagerating...millions of direct mail peices.

And when we say "produced", we mean that. We don't just focus on the design aspect. We can help you procure a mailing list, print your project economically, provide turn-key mailing services, and even set up your permit account.

Our mailings have produced outstanding responses for clients. Whether it's a phone call you want... or a visit... or an order... or any specific action, LAVA's direct mail campaigns can generate it for you. Here's some examples:

[VIEW Microsoft Windows XP launch campaign]
[VIEW Palo Alto Medical Center's direct mail series]
[VIEW Bothell Furniture sale campaign postcards]
[VIEW ART basketball mailer]
[VIEW Countywide preshow mailer]
[VIEW BD&A summer direct mail campaign]
[VIEW PowerTech CD-ROM demo disc mailing]