If you need it printed... LAVA wants to design it! There's no substitute for ink on paper and when it comes to everything printed, LAVA can be your valuable ally.

We've designed literally THOUSANDS of print pieces.

Everything from inexpensive mailer pieces... to unique business communication tools... to high-end flagship brochures. We design it. AND we can print it for you. Use LAVA's print brokering services for great pricing, speedy turn-around times and no headaches! Here's a few sample collateral pieces we've designed AND printed for clients:

[VIEW Data Dimensions corporate collateral suite]
[VIEW LithTech 3D folder]
[VIEW Greater China Industries flagship brochure]
[VIEW Dr. Bucky's collateral materials]
[VIEW Richard L. Kofkoff, MD collateral suite]
[VIEW Tokyo Jokkagan College collateral suite]